Monday, June 21, 2010

Why The Good Guys is the Funniest Show You'll Find This Summer

These days, everybody needs a good laugh. These days, everybody wants to root for the good guys. That's why "The Good Guys" is my choice for summer watching this summer. It takes all the things you love about buddy cop dramas and wraps them up in one package. And that package is an hour chock-full of laughter. And the best part about the humor is that it isn't cliche or forced, dumb jokes. Its pretty smart humor.

Colin Hanks (Roswell, Orange County) and Bradley Whitford (The West Wing) lead the cast as police partners (Sorry, detectives) who always manage to stumble upon big crime while investigating petty crimes for the Dallas PD. Hanks is the young cop, eager to prove himself and stuck with Whitford, the old legend who is stuck in the 70s.

The humor of this team is beyond compare. Hanks comes from some pretty comedic stock and Whitford proved he could handle smart humor and time it perfectly in his 7 season run on The West Wing and the short-live Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Example?
Jack (Hanks): You do know peanut shells are basically tree bark.
Dan (Whitford): Salty delicious tree bark.

I posted this as a Facebook status after watching the second episode along with one statement: "The Good Guys = Funniest thing on TV this summer.

A friend saw this and started watching and now he can't wait for the next episode.

Check it won't be disappointed. You'll just be reminded why you love TV in the first plabe.

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