Saturday, October 2, 2010

5 Shows I'm watching this Fall

This week marked the big kick-off of the Fall television season. Here are the 5 shows I’m most excited to see this fall (new or returning):

1) “Glee”: People who know me are not at all surprised that this is my number one. Watching the premiere Tuesday night made me realize that I have missed “Glee” a lot in its almost 4 month hiatus . Luckily I had the episodes on iTunes and the music to sustain me, but it didn’t compare to the excitement that came in seeing a new episode of my favorite show on television. (Tuesdays at 8 pm on FOX)

2) “The Big Bang Theory”: This show is my favorite sitcom on television. Its wit week after week astounds me and the characters are just fabulous. You’ve known these characters, or are one of these characters, and that makes it all the more enjoyableJim Parson’s Emmy was well-deserved this year and I can’t wait to see what laughs the boys (and Penny) serve up this season. (Thursdays at 8 pm on CBS)

3) “Parenthood”: In my opinion, this is the best drama on television because it’s real. “Parenthood” presents us with a real family dealing with real situations that all families deal with and I am so excited that it received a full order for its second season. Last season the Braverman’s dealt with teen dating drama, a son being diagnosed with Asperger’s and several financial crises just to name a few. I don’t know what they’ll face this season, but I know that they will handle it in a real way, not overly dramatized and not too easily solved. (Tuesdays at 10 pm on NBC)

4) “The Event”: When “Lost” ended in May, I wondered if anything would come along in the fall to fill the void. Many, MANY shows have tried and failed at what “Lost” managed to achieve. Though the premiere of “The Event” left some things to be desired, I was filled with as much intrigue at the end of its premiere as I was when the first episode of “Lost” ended 6 years ago. However, I felt the same way about “FlashForward” this time last year, and that show quickly went downhill and was swiftly cancelled. Only time will tell which end of the spectrum “The Event” will end up on. (Mondays at 9 pm on NBC)

5) “The Good Guys”: These days, everybody needs a good laugh and wants to root for the good guys. That's why "The Good Guys" was my choice for watching this summer. It takes all the things you love about buddy cop dramas and wraps them up in one package. And that package is an hour chock-full of laughter. And the best part about the humor is that it isn't cliche or forced dumb jokes. It’s pretty smart humor. (Fridays at 9 pm on FOX)

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